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Raccoon Removal At Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio

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Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio Takes Great Pride In Our Humane Efficient Customer-Centered Raccoon Removal Practices 

Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio, a division of  Barnes Wildlife Control, welcomes you! Whether you’re looking for raccoom removal answers, would like to solve a raccoon removal problem, or just want to let us know how we did, you’ll find many ways to contact us right here. We’ll help you resolve your raccoon difficulties quickly and easily, getting you back to more important things, like relaxing with friends, family, or loved ones.


Jacob Barnes, General Manager And Owner of Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio, a division of  Barnes Wildlife Control LLC

Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio Raccoon Removal And Raccoon Control Services For Miami Valley Homes And Businesses

Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio is Miami Valley’s leading raccoon removal and raccoon control company with service throughout the Greater Dayton, Ohio region. We specialize in the humane removal and control of raccoons and have built a top-notch reputation for raccoon-proofing homes and businesses to keep raccoons from getting in and causing damage. Our compassionate approach to dealing with Miami Valley Ohio raccoon conflicts and proven state-of-the-art raccoon removal methods and technologies make us THE BEST CHOICE for raccoon capture in your home or business.

Over the years, we have seen many incompetent companies that lack the required licensing to ensure the humane treatment of raccoons. Some unscrupulous operators resort to unlawful poisoning techniques that cause raccoons painful deaths. Cruel operators also tend to have low regard for customer satisfaction. Therefore, do your homework before hiring just any company when you’re in a pinch.

Humane raccoon removal and raccoon control demands in-depth knowledge through extensive training and real-world experience. The Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio team understands raccoon biology and behavior during different times of the year, which is a precondition to successfully solving raccoon invasions and keeping our customers satisfied.

Be aware, raccoons cause damage to soffits, fascia, roofs, vents, and even chimneys. Once a raccoon gets inside your home, the cozy, dry, isolated shelter protects them from predators making it a secure place to live and build a nest to raise babies.

And once raccoons make openings in your buildings, the openings allow in weather such as rain and snow. Your insulation and electrical wiring can be compromised in no time, and the buildup of feces and urine can present health consequences. If you have raccoon issues that you want addressing in a professional, humane, and customer-centered manner– you’ve found the right company.

So call us at (937) 340-1867 and request relief from your raccoon problems. You’ll speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members who will work out a jointly agreed on time so we can get a raccoon expert to perform an extensive raccoon inspection of your property.

Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio Miami Valley Raccoon Removal Service Area

Montgomery County (Dayton), Greene County (Xenia), Preble County (Eaton), Clark County (Springfield), Miami County (Troy), Darke County (Greenville), Champaign County (Urbana), Shelby County (Sidney), Logan County (Bellefontaine), Butler and Warren counties (Middletown), Wayne County, Indiana (Richmond), Mercer County (Celina), and Auglaize County (Wapakoneta)

Our raccoon removal team always handle raccoon babies with care and humanity.

Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio Provides Humane Raccoon Removal And Are Always Sensitive When Capturing Baby Raccoons.

Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio will often use live traps placed directly in your attic baited with food raccoons love.

We Employ Safe Humane Live Trapping Raccoon Removal Methods.

Raccoons access attics via soffits, fascia, chimneys and roofs.

Rotted Soffits and fascia allow a raccoon easy access into your home.  Any small openings in your buildings will enable a raccoon’s strong paws access to rip apart a hole large enough to get through. If any such weaknesses are apparent to you please call our Miami Valley Raccoon Removal Carpentry team to perform the repairs and provide an inspection of any other potential raccoon accessible weakness. 

Raccoon Poop is hazardous to both humans and pets

Once raccoons get into your attic they will be soiling the area, especially your insulation, with their poop and pee. An accumulation of feces and urine will soon cause an unpleasant scent while being a host for bacteria, viruses, and mold.  The most significant raccoon poop hazard is roundworm contamination. The microscopic eggs in dry raccoon poop can become airborne and inhaled by humans and pets, causing severe illnesses.

Our raccoon removal methods are effective and 100% humane with our live traps.

Raccoons are roof-destroying critters as well as disease-carrying pests. If you see them around your property, take notice. They are superb climbers and strong enough to climb up the side of your outside walls or jump from trees onto your roof. Once on your roof, a raccoon will search out a weakness that will allow it access to the inside of your building and will be especially persistent oncewinter arrives.

If You Want Honesty, A Company That’s Licensed And Insured, Quality Work, And Customer-Centered Service Then You Need Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio Addressing Your Raccoon Removal Problems


I called Barnes not knowing what to expect. I am in the process of rehabbing a home that had a pretty bad raccoon infestation and didn’t know where to start. Tommy came out and gave a complete inspection of the property and went way beyond my expectations in recommending treatment, all of which they were able to handle in house! They were responsive, timely, and professional. I would certainly use them again if I ever have another issue like this!

Mo Zahedi

Client Of Barnes Wildlife Control, Home Owner

Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio’s Simply Explained 3 Step Raccoon Removal Process

Some home and business owners take pride in being a “do-it-yourselfer” and want to perform their raccoon removal and raccoon proofing. Over the years, we have received numerous calls from customers who attempted raccoon removal but ended up falling off ladders and roofs and even bitten by a mother raccoon protecting her babies. Please rethink being a DIY ‘er in this instance. The raccoon removal process can be dangerous for more reasons than stated above and is best left to an experienced raccoon removal company like Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio.

Once a raccoon is in your building, numerous raccoon-related problems can occur if it decides to nest inside. We can quickly resolve many raccoon issues, while others that negatively impact your buildings and inhabitants take more time. So let’s help you and show you how we’ll go about resolving your raccoon-related problems in 3 easy to explain steps.

Our Bat experts will locate all the bats in your Miami Valley County buildings.

Step 1 – Inspecting Your Buildings

We perform a 360° inspection inside and outside your buildings and make sure you do have a raccoon problem. We employ cutting-edge technology like our motion-sensitive Reveal TACTACAM that transmits photos to our computers and cell phones. Once we identify your problem as raccoon related we’ll discuss your raccoon removal options.

Our Dayton Ohio Mice Removal team  always considers you, your family and your pets saftey.

Step 2 – Sealing Your Buildings

We must seal all the openings into your buildings before the raccoon removal process. Our Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio exclusion team will fully repair all raccoon openings and potential raccoon access points from the foundation to the roof. Once we’re sure no other raccoons are getting in, we’ll go about the raccoon removal process explained in the next step.

Our Bat experts will locate all the bats in your Miami Valley County buildings.

Step 3 – Setting Traps And Removing Raccoons

Our raccoon specialists will set live traps in the designated areas, and we will or have you check in on your traps several times throughout the raccoon trapping process. Once we trap the culprit raccoon or raccoons and remove them, we examine all the sealed entry points to ensure no raccoon has created another opening or found a new way into your building.

After The Raccoon Removal Team Have Done Their Job, An Attic Restoration May Be Needed Due To Damage And Contamination

After removing raccoons from a building, we have all the necessary tools, equipment, and staffing to remove contaminated materials like raccoon feces and urine soiled insulation safely. Our Hepa certified equipment safely filters materials out of your home, keeping your living spaces germ and bacteria-free, as well as blowing in high-grade mildew and mold resistant high R-Factor insulation.

Once a raccoon enters your building’s attic, you can expect physical damage from ripping, tearing, and chewing wood, insulation, and attic venting. All these issues will need addressing, but the worse situation occurs when raccoons inhabit your building for a lengthy period leaving your insulation soaked with urine and filled with feces. Raccoon feces generally contain bacteria and viruses that are unhealthy to humans and pets. Our Ohio Department of Health reports on these so you can be informed of the nature of these health issues.

Our Attic Restoration specialists will perform a careful examination of your attic and let you know the extent of contamination in your insulation, drywall, and floors. We will document the contamination with photos and clarify what treatments will return the impacted area to a healthy condition. Please keep in mind if the contamination is extensive, you may need a complete attic restoration which we explain below. But in the best-case scenario, if we were able to mage your raccoon problems quickly, you probably need cleaning and disinfecting here and there and some minor amounts of insulation replaced.

Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio offers full-service Attic Insulation Restoration, which removes contaminated insulation, sanitizes contaminated areas, deodorizes the affected environment, and replaces insulation with the highest quality mildew and mold resistant, fire retardant cellulose blown-in insulation.

Mouse droppings in an attic means you need our mice removal experts at Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio.

Our team provides the best residential and commercial attic restoration and crawlspace restoration service in Greater Dayton, Ohio. Our track record comes with years of experience and glowing reviews. ​Let us help you return your attic or crawlspace to a healthful space.

We remove all debris and contaminated materials by hand or our Hepa Vacuum systems. Our Hepa systems can safely remove all debris or blow-in insulation without impacting any living space, keeping you and your family safe and secure.

Our high-quality R-value blown-in cellulose insulation reduces your monthly energy costs, reduces your risk of fire, prevents moisture and condensation buildup, resists mold, mildew, and bacteria. We guarantee we’ll increase your comfort, reduce energy costs, and provide years of protection.

Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio Presents Some  Interesting Facts About Ohio Raccoons In The Miami Valley Region?

  1. Raccoons are native to North America and evolutionary has a close connection to bears.
  2. The English word raccoon originates from the Powhatan word “aroughcun”, which means “animal that scratches with its hands.”
  3. The hands of raccoons are very strong and sensitive but lack thumbs therefore need both hands to grasp objects.
  4. Raccoons are generally creatures of the night but urban raccoons have become so comfortable with humans they can be seen almost any time of the day.
  5. All Raccoons have excellent hearing and fantastic night vision.
  6. Raccoons make many different sounds from growls, low grunts, loud purrs, or even a scream.
  7. Raccoons in captivity and well cared for have lived for more than two decades but in the wild live 3 to 5 years.
Our extensive Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio team can effectively handle any mice removal job

Many of the raccoons in Ohio’s Miami Valley Region have adapted to humans so well they can appear almost tame, especially if humans have fed them. Once hand-fed, raccoons will see your property as theirs, and that includes the inside of your home as well.