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Bat Removal At Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio

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Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio Takes Great Pride In Our Humane Bat Removal Practices And We Never Exterminate Bats Which We Consider Highly Unethical!

Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio, a division of  Barnes Wildlife Control, welcomes you! Whether you’re looking for bat removal answers, would like to solve a bat removal problem, or just want to let us know how we did, you’ll find many ways to contact us right here. We’ll help you resolve your bat issues quickly and easily, getting you back to more important things, like relaxing with friends, family, or loved ones.


Jacob Barnes, General Manager And Owner of Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio, a division of  Barnes Wildlife Control LLC

Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio Bat Removal Just Begins After They Are Located

If you believe you have a bat or a colony of bats on your property, you’ll appreciate Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio, and our comprehensive bat eviction service. We address emails and calls from stressed Dayton, Ohio property owners throughout the year regarding bat invasions. Generally, these bat problem contacts occur because home or business owners see bats leaving or entering their buildings.

Our Dayton bat removal experts have years of experience evicting bats from walls, attics, soffits, eaves, vents, and chimneys. Once we remove bats from your buildings, we’ll bat-proof all possible entrance areas. We remove contaminated piles of bat guano and soiled materials containing viruses and bacteria unhealthy to humans and pets. And if you wish, we will do a complete attic restoration which returns your attic to a healthy virus and bacteria-free state.

Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio identify how bats are entering your building, then set up humane means of bat removal while preventing more bats from entering. Our Dayton bat removal service gets calls from Dayton, Ohio property owners who have heard about our popular bat removal services throughout the week.

Rest assured, our methods of removing and controlling bats from your Dayton, Ohio buildings are time-tested and 100% effective. We’ve removed up to 300 bats from a building, so we have the experience to address any bat issue you might have, whether small or big.

When you call us at (937) 340-1867 and request help for your bat conflicts, you’ll speak with a member of our staff who will work out a mutually agreed on time so we can get a bat expert to perform a comprehensive bat inspection of your property.

Our extensive Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio team can handle any bat removal job whether a single bat or a colony of bats.

Our Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio bat removal team services all your nuisance bat issues in the greater Miami Valley Region. Our professional staff, in the field and in the office, know the bat exclusion process inside and out and will quickly and humanely resolve any nuisance bat issue whether a single bat or a colony of bats. 

Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio Miami Valley Bat Removal Service Area

Montgomery County (Dayton), Greene County (Xenia), Preble County (Eaton), Clark County (Springfield), Miami County (Troy), Darke County (Greenville), Champaign County (Urbana), Shelby County (Sidney), Logan County (Bellefontaine), Butler and Warren counties (Middletown), Wayne County, Indiana (Richmond), Mercer County (Celina), and Auglaize County (Wapakoneta)

“Barnes Wildlife Control did a fantastic job and was extremely thorough in removing a family of bats from our attic this month. Removing bats is a fairly labor intensive ordeal and all the staff members were extremely helpful throughout the process.

They explained all the steps that would be performed, such as sealing all the tiny crevices the bats could use to get back in, attaching one-way exits for them to permanently leave, doing a complete clean out of the attic to neutralize any biohazards, and replacing the soiled insulation with fresh material.

They did exactly what they stated and on schedule, with great customer service and attention to detail. We are so happy to have our house restored to the way it should be and would definitely use them again in the future.”

Chris Ward

Client Of Barnes Wildlife Control, Home Owner

Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio’s Bat Removal Process Explained Simply

Bat removal can be complicated and performed only by certified bat professionals. But, we’re not going to bore you with unnecessary details that most people never read and details better explained when we meet you in person. We can make the bat removal process relatively simple for you in 3 steps. So, let’s get to it.

Our Bat experts will locate all the bats in your Miami Valley County buildings.

Step 1 – We Will Locate All The Bats In Your Building

We will do a full inspection of your building and determine where the bats are. If you have a single bat, this usually is a quick in-out process. But more often than not, we locate a bat colony of as few as five and as many as thirty.

Our Miami Valley Bat experts will seall all bat exits but one or two.

Step 2 – We Will Seal All Exit Points But One Or Two

At sunset or just before sunrise, we observe where the bats are exiting the building. Our observations may take a few nights, ensuring that we identify all or most exit points. Once we locate the exits points we seal all but one or two. 

Bat Valves are placed over one or two exits allowing bats to escape buildings but not return.

Step 3 – Finally, We Will Install One Way Bat Exit Devices

Over the unsealed exits, we install one‐way bat exits called “Bat Valves,” which allow bats to leave, but not re‐enter. These devices remain on the buildings for 5 to 10 days. Once all bats have left, we remove the devices and seal the exits.

After Our Bat Removal Team Have Excluded All Bats, You Must Address Your Bat Damage And Contamination

Our Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio Dayton Bat Removal Team uses state-of-the-art equipment to exclude bats from buildings of varing heights and sizes. After excluding bats from a building, we have all the necessary tools, equipment, and staffing to remove contaminated materials like bat guano and soiled insulation safely. Our Hepa certified equipment safely filters materials out of your home, keeping your living spaces germ and bacteria-free, as well as blowing in high grade mildew and mold resistent high R-Factor insulation.

It’s true that Bat poop(guano) indeed makes excellent fertilizer, but when in your buildings, it contaminates insulation and wood and creates unhealthy air not only in an attic but also in your living space. Bat poop can contain varied bacteria, fungus, and viruses that cause sickness and disease, including a severe lung disease called histoplasmosis. Attic insulation that has been soaked with urine and mixed with guano demands removal as soon as possible, and the general area needs sanitizing, deodorizing, and replacement of insulation.

Even though the two most common Ohio bats, Little Brown and Big Brown, are small in size, the destruction and issues that they create can be costly if not addressed promptly. Take a moment and examine some of the photos below showing you the result of a colony of bats that lived in an attic for several months without the owners taking notice. In each of these situations, the bats that entered this home brought with them bat bugs, fleas, mites, and ticks, all able to enter your living quarters.

Bat Removal Is Just The First Step! Don’t Put Yourself Or Your Family Members At Risk By Not Addressing Attic Contamination Immediately.

Once bat removal has been performed all contaminated materials must be removed.
Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio Bat Removal safely removes all bat contaminated materials from your attic using our hepa vacuum system.
Yu must remove all bat contaminated materials from your attic for the health of you and your family.
Insulation contamination from bats ruins entire attics and can be pretty devastating due to the cost of a complete attic restoration. Our Miami Valley bat removal team uses a high-volume vacuum system to eliminate significant accumulations of bat guano contaminated materials in a short period. After bat removal, we’re ready to bring in our industrial Hepa vacuum cleaning system with a high-efficiency Hepa filter to bag debris such as contaminated guano and insulation. Generally, the only part of our vacuum system that enters the home is the hose, though we may have to bag some materials which will never impact your living space.

After removing all contaminated materials, an eco-friendly disinfectant is applied to all boards and impacted areas that destroy parasites, bacteria, viruses, or fungi. We will also use a powerful but 100% safe enzymatic deodorizer that will leave your attic odor-free, so you’ll never know bats ever contaminated your attic.

Last but not least, we finish with blowing in our High R-Value mildew, mold, and fire-resistant cellulose insulation that leads to significant home comfort and reduction of heating and cooling costs.

So do yourself a favor and call Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio’s full-service Attic Insulation Restoration service at (937) 340-1867. We’ll remove your contaminated insulation, sanitize the contaminated areas, deodorize the impacted areas, and replace your contaminated insulation with the best mildew and mold resistant, fire retardant cellulose blown-in insulation.

The Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio attic restoration team is the best in the Miami Valley ohio rgion!

After your bat removal, you will want to take advantage of our excellent Miami Valley residential and commercial attic restoration service. We restore attics to a healthy state that look and smell brand new while saving your money on your heating and cooling costs.

Our attic restoration process will leave your cleaned attic looking and smelling like new.
Here is an excellent example of a thoroughly cleaned, decontaminated, and deodorized attic after a terrible bat infestation left contaminated materials throughout the attic. Rest assured, we return any attic, no matter how contaminated, to a healthy condition.
Brand new High R-Value blown in insulation helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

We use the best high-quality R-value blown-in cellulose insulation, which will reduce your heating and cooling costs, is fire retardant, and resistant to mold and mildew. After finishing blowing in your insulation, you’ll have a bat-free attic with quality insulation that will give you years of comfort.

If You Want To Keep Bats Around Your Property For Insect Control, We Have A Solution After We’ve Done Your Bat Removal Project

Even though many people think bats attack people, they are entirely mistaken. Bats are amazing mammals. But, bats do not attack people, get caught in your hair, nor suck your blood.

Ohio is home to 11 species of bats out of the 1000’s worldwide, and the little brown and big brown bats are the most common bats we encounter at Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio. And more important, bats make valuable contributions to ecology, the economy, and innovative technologies.

The environmental roles of bats consist of pollinating and dispersing the seeds of hundreds of species of plants, but what we are promoting is that bats eat abundant amounts of insects, especially those annoying Ohio mosquitoes.

On a regular Ohio night, a bat eats the equivalent of its body weight in mosquitoes. So, why not keep bats around and let them do the job of keeping mosquitoes from attacking you, getting in your hair, and, yes, sucking your blood, unlike a bat. But, you don’t want bats living in your home for all the reasons we’ve stated above, but theirs no reason not to provide them a beautiful bat house like those made by BatBnb.

If your home or business needs our professional bat exclusion like that provided by Wildlife Removal Delaware Ohio we’re here to help. But we would like to suggest letting us put up a bat house like those designed at BatBnb so these wonderful critters can help you while you help them.

Please take the time to call us at (937) 340-1867 and request a bat house installation so we can protect your home from a bat infestation while letting bats continue to help Ohio’s ecology and your insect problems.

Bat BNB produces beautiful bat houses, like the Triple Crown shown here, that facilitate mutually beneficial relationships between people and bats.

Want mosquito control? Bat BNB produces beautiful bat houses, like the Triple Crown shown here, facilitating mutually beneficial relationships between people and bats.

Did You Know These Interesting Facts About Bats?

  1. Bats produce one baby at a time
  2. Some bats can live up to 30 years
  3. Bats make up a quarter of all mammals
  4. More than 50% of bat species in the US are either in severe decline or are listed as endangered.
  5. 80 medicines are made from plants that rely on bats.
  6. Bats’ echolocation skills helped develop navigational technologies.
  7. Also, bat research is helping advance vaccines.
  8. Not all bats hibernate, some migrate to warmer climates.
little brown bat photo thanks to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Ohio’s Little Brown Bat tends to live in colonies and our bat experts know that from experience since we’ve excluded Little Browns from a colony as large as 300.

Big Brown Bat Photo thanks to USFWSmidwest, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Ohio’s most common and largest brown bat is the Big Brown Bat. They can be found together in a colony, but those hibernating in Ohio buildings usually range from a few to just one.