Ever Get That Creepy Feeling That There Is All Manner Of Wildlife Lurking, Crawling, Flying Or Roaming Through Your Home, Attic Or Yard? If So, You’ve Come To The Right Place!

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Barnes Wildlife Control Is THE Solution For Your Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio Problems Because We Take Pride In A Job Well-Done!

Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio and welcomes you! Whether you’re looking for answers, would like to solve a problem, or just want to let us know how we did, you’ll find many ways to contact us right here. We’ll help you resolve your issues quickly and easily, getting you back to more important things, like relaxing with friends, family or loved ones.

The Nuisance Wildlife Removal Company Of Choice In The Greater Dayton Ohio And Miami Valley Region – Barnes Wildlife Control

Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio, a Company, has had to deal with many types of wildlife removal and control jobs. We are the real thing when you need a Wildlife Removal professional who understands the behavior of all the wildlife species in Dayton Ohio. Although we can’t say we’ve seen it all nor heard it all! That would be arrogance! And arrogant we are not! But we are confident in our knowledge, our integrity, our professionalism and our quality of service. Also, our proves our point as do our .

If You Want Honesty, A Company That’s Licensed And Insured, And Quality Work, Then You Want Barnes Wildlife Control.

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Oue team services all your nuisance wildlife problems. Our professional staff, in the field and in the office, know the wildlife pest control business inside and out. 

“We called to check on what we believed were birds in the attic. Jacob arrived promptly and did a complete survey of the attic with pictures. There were several areas in the attic that had been used as nesting. Also, he discovered that birds were entering through an unsealed space between the exhaust fan vent pipe and the opening of the wall to the outside. I would definitely use this company again.”
Jay Douglas

Client Of Barnes Wildlife Control, Home Owner

So What Can Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio And Barnes Wildlife Control Do For You?

Our company provides more than wildlife control and wildlife trapping. Our team provides general pest control services. These services also include insect control and insect extermination. But that’s not all.

If you need attic restoration due to wildlife damage, we’re ready to come in and give you an estimate. We can do all forms of animal damage repairs throughout your home, not just your attic. And if wildlife has been entering around your chimney or roof vents, then these are easy repair jobs for us.

We seal potential animal entry points in your home and buildings. And we’ll trap those pesky raccoons, skunks, squirrels, birds, opossum, and even snakes! And don’t forget we always do Humane Animal Trapping. We make sure that animals cannot get back inside your home so you don’t have to be awaken by sounds of critters in the attic all night long.


Nuisance Wildlife Removal photo of nuisance raccoons begging for food on homeowners porch

Birds can sneak their way into your attic. And once in, birds love making nests and hanging out in their comfortable shielded home. Many problems result from birds in your attic. Plus, once a bird finds its way into your attic, so can other pests like squirrels who love stealing pigeon nests.

Common Wildlife Control And Pest Control Questions We Get

  1. Can I touch Wild Animal Droppings In My Home?
  2. If I see Wild Animals On The Roof, should I have you to our home?
  3. Are Wild Animals Under my home or porch a problem?
  4. I’m hearing odd sounds coming from my walls. Could you help me?
  5. Do you remove Animal Odors from homes and buildings? 
  6. Can you get bats out of my Attic?
  7. An animal died in my yard. Would you remove the carcass?
  8. I think there may be mice or rats in my walls and attic. They are keeping me awake at night. Can you come here and check?

And there are so many more questions we get on a daily basis. Feel free and give us a call and we try to do everything we can to help you out. 

Wildlife Removal Dayton Ohio Can Do So Much More! And Remember, We Are The Bat Removal Experts Of Dayton Ohio And The Surrounding Regions.

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Our company humanely removes bats from your home and buildings. As bat exclusion professionals, we effectively exclude bats from your home and seal up all their entrances. We also remove all bat guano and sanitize contaminated areas if you want those services.

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